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“When our great grandparents cultivated their vines, now  more than a hundred years ago, at the foot of Monte Yerga, they were unknowingly writing our own history”

With that generous legacy received in the form of historic vines and knowledge which only comes from experience, Mariluz Ruiz and Javier Rubio founded their own wine cellar. Firmly set within the Rioja quality appellation,  Viñedos Real Rubio is the outcome of this inheritance, of a firm desire to develop the full potential of good wines from the very best qualities of the vineyards and of a unique way of life constructed around the world of wine.

We recommend

Real Rubio Reserva

This Reserva wine, made from Tempranillo and Graciano grapes, grown on the slopes of Monte Yerga, has good structure, silky texture and a very long finish, preceded by aromas of very ripe fruit.