Barrel Club

We have selected a unique plot within the Finca El Tordillo with vines over 60 years’ old, of Tempranillo and Graciano grapes. Their harvesting, specially controlled, provides a limited crop of 25,000 kilos of grapes. We extend the maceration process with the skins up to 10 days, achieving a unique wine with balanced tannins and anthocyanins and whose evolution in French and American oak casks is closely monitored by our anxious friends and customers, through sampling checks and tasting. As a result, we obtain a surprisingly elegant wine, fine and full of sensations. It is our most special wine, in which we all have played our part.

Club Real Rubio

At the beginning of each year, each barrel is assigned to a friend or interested person as soon as the ageing begins, at the price of a young wine, which is what it still is at that point in time. After the ageing process is complete, the client will receive this unique wine in his own home, purchased at a very affordable price, already bottled and labelled.

In addition, club members can visit the wine cellar, alone or with company, taste the wines and follow their evolution themselves, or else stroll through the vines and enjoy a day in the country with, if they so wish, lunch provided.

Ver ficha El Tordillo

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