Nuestras Fincas

Viñedos Real Rubio has several plots, spread between the towns of Aldeanueva de Ebro, Alfaro and Autol, making up in total the more than 90 hectares which we currently own. Of these, El Tordillo, Hollalengua, Montón de Trigo and Cuesta el Árbol are our most typical vineyard plots due to their varietal and chronological diversity.

Finca El Tordillo Finca El Tordillo

This is viñedos Rubio Real’s most emblematic plot, occupying an area of  32 hectares at an altitude of 400 metres, which is a huge advantage for the evolution of the varieties planted there.

A quarter of the area is given over to the Graciano grape, with and East-West orientation which protects the grapes from too much exposure to the sun. this variety is one of the most important in the family vineyards due to its particular varietal attributes which give the wines acidity and, as a result, longer life.  The same proportion of the Finca el Tordillo is devoted to Garnacha, up to 60 years’ old, planted with a North-South orientation. Its yield is no more than 5,000 kilos per hectare. Another grape in this vineyard is Tempranillo, planted here with a North-South orientation to avoid the cierzo (a local wind), bending or breaking the canes. The control of the yield from these vines is performed by planting a cereal-based ground cover. Finally, the varietal diversity of the plot is completed by various hectares of Mazuelo, Viura and Verdejo

Finca Hollalengua Finca Hollalengua

This vineyard, with 5 hectares of organically grown Tempranillo, is situated in a spot with soils of exceptional quality, bringing magnificent properties to the raw material and producing controlled yields of 6,000 kilos per hectare. Planted 28 years ago and trained along wires, it has a North-South orientation to protect the canes from the local cierzo.


Finca Montón de Trigo Finca Montón de Trigo

With 10 hectares of wire-trained vines and located at an altitude of 550 metres, on the slopes of Monte Yerga, this ten-year-old plot is home to most of the cellar’s organic vines. Here the Muscatel, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Verdejo are cultivated.




Finca Cuesta el Árbol Finca Cuesta el Árbol

Situated on a gentle slope at an altitude of 450 metres, this vineyard,  planted 21 years ago, occupies an area of 9 hectares, split between Graciano, trained on wires and goblet pruned, Garnacha, goblet pruned, and organic, wire-trained Verdejo. The plot’s stony soil helps permeability and drainage of water and endows the plant with numerous qualities.