Nuestros Vinos

Vino en depósito Real RubioOur wines are balanced, fresh, persistent, obtained from healthy, perfectly ripened grapes.

Their unique character is due to the great range of varieties we grow, so that we can make wines which are tremendously rich to taste, which contain the best of each variety: the elegance of the Tempranillo, the fruit of the Garnacha, the tannin of the Mazuelo or the acidity and persistence of the Graciano. The result is a series of wines with great expression in aroma and bouquet which carry notes of spices or red and black-berried fruit, with a sensation of volume and plenitude.

To produce them, we combine the art of tradition with the mastery and control of the latest winemaking practices. Thanks to this we achieve excellent wines which we market under our Real Rubio label, in its different types (Whites, Reds and Rosés), and according to the length of ageing (young wines,  crianzas, reservas and gran reservas) and the kind of  growing practice  (organic or traditional).