Real Rubio Gran Reserva

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Gran Reserva


74% Tempranillo. 26% Graciano

Vinification and ageing

Harvested in October 2005. This highly characterful wine is made from a very balanced proportion of the two indigenous Rioja grape varieties which provide interesting attributes for ageing while preserving all their qualities. It remains in the American-oak casks for 26 months and a further 40 months in the bottle

Vinification and ageing

The intensity of the colour extract tells us that this is a wine which has undergone a slow, lengthy period of cask ageing and subsequent long bottle ageing. Ruby hues and first glints of brick-red. Soft aroma, with the tertiary aromas dominant to give a complex bouquet, where the dried fruit and leather let through glimpses of raisins, dates and dried apricots. On the palate it is very soft, long and smooth, but above all, elegant. Designed for great occasions.

Food pairing suggestions

Iberian pork charcuterie, grilled shellfish. Best served at around 18ºC.


Nombre del vino Publicación o entidad Nombre del premio
Gran Reserva 2005
Premios Arribe 2012
Medalla de Plata
Gran Reserva 2005
Concurso Mundial de Bruselas 2013
Medalla de Plata
Gran Reserva 2005
Sakura Award Japon
Doble oro
Gran Reserva 2005
Sakura Japan women´s wine Award
Diamond Trophy